Housemaid Dolly wants a more equitable and Christian world. . . and starts with home renovations!

Dolly hatches a daring plan to save her beloved Nursie and herself from having to do dirty work ever again. Dolly-Logues is sincere and irreverent by turns, a whimsical and touching story of a girl determined to improve the world. Set in the idealistic and changing social backdrop of World War 1 England, Dolly-Logues is an authentic set of vignettes with a happy ever after for Dolly and her beau. 

The Dolly-(dia)Logues are interconnected stories of the eponymous Dolly. Follow Dolly’s work, family, and romantic trials as she finds solace in her Christian faith, pursues her socialist principles, and discovers love after the Great War. Poignant and witty, Dolly’s charming voice rings from every page.

  • Introducing Dolly and her Relatives
  • On Civilisation and Blacklead
  • On Autumn Leaves and Mary Ann Architecture 
  • On Mary Ann Uniform and Blackleg Angels
  • On Coming Up
  • On Shells and Slaves
  • On Getting Understanding
  • Old World Darkness and New World Light
  • “One Loving Spirit Sets Another on Fire” (Augustine)
  • On Princes and Princesses
  • On the Unwisdom of Elder Sisters
  • On “Solving the Servant Problem”
  • On Casting Out Devils
  • On Life and Death and the Nature of Things

Written in 1919 and first published as a whole in 1926, the story of Dolly gives you the real sense of an everyday woman’s life in the WWI era. Brought to you in convenient digital book form, Dolly’s Dialogues are sweet, clean, and Christian. They will entertain and inspire.