Flight from the Eagle

Major Orlov takes on the protection of Countess Barova… But can he let her go?

Leading his battalion of injured and war-hardened infantry to safety, Major Lev Orlov is seeking shelter for his men in an abandoned inn when he finds himself face to face with a Countess. Lev can’t leave poorly dressed, but brave and resilient, Countess Barova to the grim fate of men made savage by war, and insists on her traveling under his protection. He can’t allow her reputation, or her virtue, to be compromised. 

Battle weary and ready to settle down with a wife and family, Lev is surprised to find Countess Barova is practical and kind. The more time he spends with her, the more he begins to wonder if their pretense of her being “his lady” could become real…

Rich with historical detail of the Napoleonic war in Russia, this sweet and clean historical romance with Christian themes of peace will sweep you away with the romance and excitement of a strong military hero and the unassuming woman he falls for. 

A Traditional Regency historical romance perfect for fans of Heyer, Austen, Sally Britton, and Laura Beers.