Tales from the Derbyshire Hills

Derbyshire’s bucolic countryside is a place of beauty and romantic intrigue in this collection of sweet & wholesome short stories. Gentlemen meet their match in spirited young women; one by one, they fall into the parson’s trap. An entertaining and endearing cast of villagers add color to these chaste stories of love and pastoral life in Edwardian England.

Collection includes:

  • The Wooing of Sergeant Mahony’s Daughter
  • The Waking of Robin Redbreast Lassie
  • What Art Tha For?
  • Coltsfoot
  • Groundsel
  • The Daring of Doctor Doran
  • Snow in Summer
  • A Double Wedding
  • Ragwort
  • “Also His Wife, Martha”

First published in 1907, this vintage collection is available for the first time in print & electronic formats to reach a new generation of readers.