The cheap option

This isn’t about being a snake oil salesman. It’s an axiom that out of cheap, quick, and good, you can only have 2 (not 3). I offer quick and good. It still takes time to do everything I will suggest, but it’s quicker than learning everything yourself.

Some people love understanding websites, marketing, doing data analysis, writing lists and keeping on schedule (that’s me). If that’s also you, then see the list of resources on this page, go through them all, and you’ll have a decent majority of the knowledge I have. (Will you actually action it though? Really? Or would accountability to someone like me help you?)

Some people just want to write and have someone else tell them how to do the *necessary* other stuff. If that’s you, give me a shout. I can help.

Here’s a list of the places I’ve learned most of this stuff. Not all, some of it is personal experience and etc. But if you want to, read and listen to all of these and you’ll get to a good place:

  • Everything David Gaughran has written on book marketing, both his free and paid stuff
  • Joanna Penn’s Podcast
  • The Six Figure Author Podcast
  • Facebook author groups, including Wide for the Win and 20Booksto50k
  • Tammi Labrecque‘s book on newsletters
  • Zoe York’s writing and marketing books (Romance Your Plan, especially)
  • Robert J. Ryan on Amazon Ads
  • Brian Cohen on Amazon Ads

…Or you can save time and simply have the benefit of my having distilled it all for you.

Bonus section

In terms of tools, I like:

  • Kindle Rocket for Amazon keywords
  • Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for making covers and promo images
  • for formatting ebooks
  • Creative market and Dafont for fonts and images and things
  • MailerLite for newsletters
  • Bookfunnel for free book delivery
  • … other things I’ll add as I think of them…