The Eagle’s Fate

A Princess in danger… A Captain who will save her!

Fleeing for her life, Princess Nadya Serova is alone and scared on the road from Moscow, and desperate to reach the safety of her friend Tatya’s estate. When a thief threatens to steal all her food and money, she’s done for… Until kind and strong Captain Andrei Valyev saves her!

But the moment he hears her name, Captain Valyev is distant and cold. Nadya has no idea why he hates her, but as they journey together she finds herself drawn to her stoic protector, even as it becomes clear Andrei is in love with her friend Tatya.

Terribly injured while saving his men, Andrei is forced to St Petersburg, where fate brings them together again, but more apart than ever. Nadya must solve the mysteries of her family’s past and discover how to right them. And maybe, win Andrei’s love…

Rich with historical detail of the Napoleonic war in Russia, this sweet and clean historical romance with Christian themes of forgiveness will sweep you away with the excitement of a brave military hero and the modest woman he falls for.