The Green Gallant

Brilliant soldier Major Vladimir Karachev, of the Imperial Russian Army, is fighting for his life. Stuck serving under an incompetent Colonel and defending his homeland against the mighty and seemingly unstoppable French under Emperor Bonaparte, Vladimir must use all his wits to survive.

When the Allied forces chase the enemy into France, Vladimir finds a beautiful woman hiding in a closet! Blanche de Marain is caught in her late husband’s house after she returns for a picture of her late husband and is left behind. A night of passion cements Blanche and Vladimir’s instant connection, and Vladimir sends her with nuns to safety in Paris.

It’s a long and complicated war for Vladimir, made worse by uncertainty. Did Blanche reach Paris safely? Will he reach Paris intact, and find her if he does? Little does he know that winning peace and reaching Paris will be the beginning, not the end, of his challenges.

Rich with military history and rife with tension and strategy, this epic tale of war, love, and loss drives forward the story of the Eagles brotherhood to a tragic climax.