Author Platform Coaching

What’s an author platform? There are lots of definitions, and mine is that it’s the author things that’s not the words you put in your book.

Your author platform is the solid basis that allows you to reach higher. Reach more readers and reach further for sales and loyalty from the readers you already have. A platform isn’t spending loads of money. It’s using free tools and selected low-cost tools to ensure you can entice new readers and retain existing readers.

What I offer:

Appraisal of your whole outward-looking author brand:

  • book covers
  • book titles
  • book back cover copy
  • book backmatter
  • pricing and wide / KU strategies
  • trope strategies
  • series cohesiveness
  • use of social media
  • use of retailer author spaces
  • newsletter offering and introductory email sequence
  • freebies and reader magnets
  • website (ease of use, content, etc.)
  • etc.

Help with planning:

  • future book planning (series planning)
  • pricing strategies
  • promotion strategies
  • keyword strategies
  • trope use

Easy to action plans:

  • expected time to do
  • approximate cost
  • reason for doing it
  • priority level

I can help you organise your author presence online. Everything from your Amazon author page to your Website. I can give you a tailored list, prioritised, with helpful explanations of what to do and why. I can, in short, organise things so it’s super easy for you to feel in control of your author branding and platform, and focus on the writing.