Digitising Books

Are you a reader with a passion for seeing a particular book available again? Use our wish form and we’ll do what we can!

Why digitise books?

From the moment a book goes out of print, a clock is ticking. Books get lost, discarded, and forgotten, and there are fewer and fewer copies left with each year that goes by. There is less chance of readers finding and enjoying that book as it becomes more scarce, and the author and her books may be totally forgotten.

By comparison, a digital book will be available for as long as the internet continues. It’s there, on the biggest book retailer in the world, for readers to re-discover.

At Cover and Page we believe that no book should go gentle into that good night. We want authors to have the legacy they deserve, with readers celebrating them for years to come.

That’s why we provide a comprehensive re-publishing service. If your loved one wrote books and left the copyright to you in their will, we can help you maintain their writing legacy in a straightforward way.

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